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Homeowner's Insurance 

The average home insurance premium in North Carolina is about $650.

Purchasing house insurance is important in order to protect your home against perils like fires, burglaries, wind damage, hail and more.

Different Types of Coverage Include:

  • High Value
  • Preferred
  • Specialty
  • Coastal
  • Vacant
  • Earthquake


Renters' Insurance

Many renters overlook or underestimate their insurance needs because they believe only "homeowners" need insurance.

However, just as most of us would not think of owning an automobile without auto insurance, renters need protection for their personal possessions and from liability.

Even the smallest apartment can easily contain personal property worth thousands of dollars.

Renters insurance, because you are not insuring a building, is surprisingly inexpensive.

Renters insurance offers the same general personal property coverage and liability protection as a homeowners policy.